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We have a clearly defined philosophy, based on the idea that everything we do must reflect a sense of responsibility towards individuals and the environment. Technology plays a key role in our corporate culture, providing us with a series of values and guaranteeing sustainability in everything we undertake.

We defend the idea of a clean world, with fair prices and an approach to business in which all stakeholders obtain not merely financial profit, but also the satisfaction of a job well done that also contributes to improving our planet.


B2bio operates in the BIO sector, acting as a meeting point for producers, traders and certification agencies, as well as working to generate sustainable and environmentally-friendly business. It is a portal that brings together technology and sustainability in order to make a positive contribution to people and the environment we live in. Our activity is rooted in social responsibility, combined with transparency.


Our aim is to become a world leader in the BIO sector, promoting values and actions in keeping with the essence of the terms GREEN (ORGANIC OR BIOLOGICAL) Farming and the term BIODYNAMIC Farming.

Our Values

In order to achieve this, b2bio has been built up on the following premises:

-We see the BIO world as a way of life, not as a business.

-The present is merely on loan to us and must be handed down to future generations; therefore, we have a responsibility to defend and care for all aspects of our environment.

-Technology is the way forward, but it must be clean, sustainable and prevent the destruction of nature. In addition, it must promote communication between people and guarantee certain standards of comfort.

-All producers must be certified; b2bio is only open to those companies that can provide guarantees for their work methods and must therefore hold the corresponding certificates.

-A sustainable economy: our aim is to guarantee promotion in accordance with our philosophy, offering reasonable prices that ensure the fair distribution of profit.

-In the event of any query or dilemma the first of our premises will always prevail:

“The BIO world is a way of life, not a business ”.

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