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Blog B2BIO - Eco art, a look to the Environment


Eco art, a look to the Environment

Environmental art or eco art is an umbrella term for a range of artistic practices encompassing both historical approaches to nature in art and more recent ecological and politically motivated types of works. 'The term "environmental art" often encompasses "ecological" concerns but is not specific to them. It acknowledges the early history of this movement (which was often more about art ideas than environmental ones) as well as art with more activist concerns and art which primarily celebrates an artist's connection with nature using natural materials.


  • Awareness of the fragility of nature
  • Investigate natural phenomena
  • Using natural materials gathered outside
  • Not contribute to the environmental degradation

The media and activities used by environmental artists are incredibly diverse, including painting, photography, performance art, politically activist events, experiments with light and sound, sculpture, eco-feminism, creation of large earth-based installations, architectural installations, and scientific inventions. 


Probably the most famous example of environmental art is 7000 Oaks (7,000 oaks), an environmental protest in which the artist and his assistants emphasized the condition of the local environment trying to reforest areas contaminated and damaged with 7,000 oaks. Another internationally known job is a project called Rhythms of Life, made by the Australian artist Andrew Rogers, it is the greatest work ever undertaken of contemporary land art through the world, forming a chain of stone sculptures, or geoglyphs, around the planet. At the moment, it has just been built in seven countries: Israel, Chile, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Iceland and China. In the future it will be installed in other countries involving more than 5,000 people on six continents, something amazing.

Source: Wikipedia

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