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New global commercialisation and communication channel for the organic market


Produccion ecológica

B2BIO was created in order to meet the needs of the green product and biodynamic farming market: a sector whose singularities we aspire to acknowledge by offering a series of solutions based on the use of new technologies:

We have created a specialist e-marketplace conceived to encompass the green product and biodynamic farming sector as a whole. That is, food products, textiles, cosmetics, livestock, equipment and machinery, green building, real estate and more.

The aim is to promote green and biodynamic businesses nationally and, above all, internationally, given that in many cases these international markets can absorb the goods and services of producer markets in new emerging countries (Southern Europe, South-America, Asia). This is a huge potential aid, because eco-friendly producer/manufacturing companies have fewer means at their disposal to penetrate foreign markets willing to buy QUALITY-CERTIFIED green products.

We aspire to play a groundbreaking role by offering a series of more advanced tools or solutions than those usually found in the green sector.

Likewise, we aim to support public and private certification agencies of green products and biodynamic farming produce, since these certification agencies and their members boost public confidence in the sector. As a result, we shall strive to offer their members incentives to join our e-marketplace so that they can gain access to new national and international markets and to innovation through the tools that we offer at an easily affordable price.

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